Room 17




18th century
Glass blown, with applications of threads and pinched
20.7 x Ø9.5 x Ø6.1 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1643

Jug with a squat spherical body and a high trumpet-shaped neck with two handles with pinched threads and crests. The Andalusian jugs of the 17th and 18th centuries present quite original shapes within the European glassmaking scene. As they were glass objects for ordinary people, the Andalusian kilns created their own shapes linked to local ceramics and also to some shapes of Moorish glassware. This latter element is evident in the potbellied shape of the container and the widened rim, formal aspects that refer us to the shape of the traditional glass lamps in mosques. Unlike other peninsular manufacturers, such as the Castilians or the Catalans, who made great efforts to create clear materials, Andalusian glass opted not to decolour its pastes and even to enhance the colours, which range from smoked or amber to deep green or purple.

Room 17
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