Dessert stand
Room 17



Dessert stand

Second half of the 16th - first half of the 17th century
Glass blown, moulded and with applied 'latticino' threads
12.5 x Ø15.5 x Ø8.2 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 2311

Plate standing on a blown stem with masks and with an annular projection and trumpet-shaped stand. The top of the raised and strengthened edge is decorated in the centre with 'latticino' threads in a radial arrangement. This form, of which several examples have been conserved, adopts the structure of tazzas but, unlike them, it has a container in which it is impossible to put liquids and, as the still life paintings of the 16th century demonstrate, it was used to serve desserts at well-to-do tables.

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