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Virgin from Santa Maria in El Pla del Penedès

Second-third quarter of the 13th century
Polychrome poplar wood
83 x 41 x 27 cm
From the church of Santa Maria in El Pla del Penedès (Alt Penedès)
MEV 828

This large Virgin still corresponds to the traditional Byzantine iconography characteristic of the 12th century, portrayed as the throne of the Child Jesus, in the middle of her lap. The Child, whose face is very similar to his Mother's, is holding the book of the law in his left hand while making the gesture of blessing with his right hand. The Mother is sitting on a monumental throne of classical tradition formed by four columns topped by knobs. The fact of not drawing an evident smile, as is usual in other Romanesque Virgins of the time, gives her a distant look, reinforced by her distant, absent gaze. This aesthetic desire for majesty and royalty puts it closer to the carvings of the Barcelona sculpture workshops of the first half of the 13th century.

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