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Christ Pantocrator from Sant Salvador in La Vedella

La Seu d'Urgell workshops
Third quarter of the 12th century
Poplar wood
68 x 24 x 17 cm
From the monastery of Sant Salvador in La Vedella, Cercs (Berguedà)
MEV 1602

The figure depicts the iconography of Christ in Majesty seated with the book of the law in his left hand at the moment he must have been making the sign of blessing with his right arm, now lost. Although in Romanesque art it is more habitual to find Christ Pantocrator depicted in the mural paintings of church apses, the Museu Episcopal de Vic also conserves the small sculptural relief of Christ from the frontal of Sant Pere in Ripoll (MEV 556) which has some very similar iconographical characteristics. The dedication of this figure to the Saviour is related to the fact that it comes from the Benedictine monastery of Sant Salvador in La Vedella.

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