Room 18




16th century
32 x 54 x 6 cm
From Sigüenza (Guadalajara)
MEV 6031

Cushion for liturgical purposes, made of 'guadamassil'. The leather, after being silvered and gilded with yellow varnish, has been tooled with different-shaped irons, which fill the decorative motifs outlined in black and coloured with green and yellow varnish with small marks. It is made up of two rectangular pieces of leather, sewn together with a selvedge, and at each corner there is a tassel with a fringe. This cushion was used on the altar, the Holy Scriptures being placed on it, in the manner of a lectern. For this reason its decoration features a large radiate circle in which there is inscribed the anagram of Jesus, “IHS”, inside different concentric circles, in the middle of a composition of floral elements framed by bands. The different irons used in the tooling and the arrangement of the whole composition, the use of the coloured varnish, as well as its stylistic composition, correspond clearly to the 16th century.

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