Censer from Lledó
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Censer from Lledó

Coptic Egypt or Syria or Constantinople
6th - 7th centuries
Bronze cast and stamped
11 x 17 x 15 cm
From the cemetery of Sant Feliu in Lledó (Alt Empordà)
MEV 3746

A liturgical object designed for burning the incense in churches and spreading, at the same time, its perfume during the celebrations of the services of the holy liturgy in accordance with the ancient tradition of the Christian church. Structurally, it presents a container with a hexagonal body, with no lid, held by three lengths of chain, of double rings, mounted on the backs of facing symmetrical birds, which come together in a larger central circular ring, and they are joined above in one large ring to hang it or make it swing when spreading the incense. The flat sides of the container have concentric circles and round dots at the angles between moulded edges, and they stand on three lion's paws. By its shape, the metal and the technique used in making it, and the ornamentation it has, we may consider this item of furnishing to be linked to the commercial spread around the Mediterranean of the arts of the Byzantine court in the 6th and 7th centuries.

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