Restitution medal of Ale...
Room 19

Coins and medals

Girolamo Paladino (?)

Restitution medal of Alexander VI

17th century (?)
Struck bronze
Ø4.4 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 23247

Rodrigo Borja (Borgia), born in Xàtiva, was a controversial Pope whose life was littered with scandals. The dark legend that surrounds his family has often overshadowed his work at the head of the Papacy. In the artistic-cultural fields he patronised painters like Pintorichio, the introducer of Renaissance painting to Valencia, strengthened the University of Rome and fortified and beautified the city. Alexander VI also formalised the most outstanding jubilee ceremony, the opening of the Holy Door, a recurring scene on jubilee, or holy year, medals. On this occasion the iconography shown is the coat of arms of the Borgias, with the ox as a symbol of the family. The presence of heraldry on medals is a habitual fact, as they became the means of transmitting the images of monarchs, nobles and high-ranking ecclesiastics, in this way strengthening their personal prestige.

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