Jubilee medal of Leo XIII
Room 19

Coins and medals

Marcelle Lancelot Croce

Jubilee medal of Leo XIII

Struck silver
Ø4.2 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 23805

In medals it is habitual to resort to symbolic and allegorical figures, as it is to use Latin in the abbreviated formulae of the legends. This fact allows us to talk of medal making as a cultured and refined art where we can find images with a great expressive force. On the reverse of this medal we see a majestic lion, the obvious representation of the pontiff, stamping with its paws on a dragon or serpent, the symbol of evil and sinfulness. The intention of this scene is to represent the Holy Father as a man of great strength and vitality, who, throughout his reign, was able to reconcile scientific and social progress with the millenary doctrine of the Church. Leo XIII was also sensitive to the initiatives of the Catalan Church, expressing his support for Bishop Morgades in a telegram sent on July 7th 1891 in which he blessed the opening ceremony of the Museu Episcopal de Vic.

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