Jubilee medal of Innocen...
Room 19

Coins and medals

Gaspare Morone

Jubilee medal of Innocent X

Struck bronze
Ø3.8 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 23281

The medals of holy or jubilee years are struck to commemorate the solemn festival of the jubilee, when plenary indulgence is granted to pilgrims, and they become a souvenir of having taken part in this event. On this medal, of Innocent X (1644-1655), we find the iconography of the 'Porta Sancta' (Holy Door) depicted, very habitual in these engravings, as crossing its threshold is the symbol of the forgiveness obtained. In this case the Holy Father appears, surrounded by prelates, demolishing the wall that blocks the Holy Door with energetic pickaxe blows. In the background we can see lances, possibly of the Swiss Guard, present during the ceremony to protect the pontiff. The iconography of the Door, two columns crowned by a tympanum, is rooted in classical antiquity, although this model continued to evolve during the Baroque and Neoclassicism.

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