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Eusebi Arnau, Joaquim Cabot i Rovira

Commemorative medal of Jaume Collell

Struck silver
Ø12 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 17728

The medal came late to the Iberian Peninsula and in Catalonia evolved with its own characteristics, falling within neoclassical tendencies. As the medal freed itself from the official bodies that had witnessed its birth and moved closer to the new middle-class society, artistic values came back strongly and sculptors began to become interested in this form of artistic expression. Eusebi Arnau, an outstanding figure of 'Modernisme', began his medal-making career as a result of his taking part in the Universal Exhibition of 1888. This medal commemorates the 50th anniversary of the nomination of Jaume Collell as “Mestre en gay saber”. On this medal the artist has done an excellent portrait of Canon Collell, who, along with other members of the Círcol Literari, took the initiative of organizing the Artistic Archaeological Exhibition in the cloisters of the convent of Sant Domènec in Vic in 1868. This enterprise sowed the seeds for the future creation of the Museu Episcopal.

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