Room 22


Rata (?)


Poplar wood sawn, cut, assembled and nailed
66 x 144 x 53 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 2193

This 18th-century chest is an exceptional piece, as it is signed and dated. Occupying the central panel and the uprights flanking it, we see the inscription: “17/Ratamafetas/04”. The piece, with a structure and building system similar to those of earlier periods, stands on four talon-shaped feet and is profusely carved. The box is compartmented into three horizontal registers: on the front, the upper register contains the central keyhole and is decorated with floral motifs separated by elements carved with clawing; the middle register presents three panels with carved double arches decorated with a floral repertoire and four planed down uprights, which flank all the panels; the lower register is decorated with floral elements and clawed similar to the others and with animal figures (dog, cow, snake, lizard…). The sides, with a panel flanked by uprights, have an identical decorative arrangement.

Room 22
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