Room 22




18th century
Walnut wood sawn, carved and assembled, birch wood, wood from the acer family chiselled and painted and ebony inlaid and applied
63 x 151 x 57 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 2172

This chest is an example of the structure and one of the decorative patterns, based on carving and inlay, of this type of furniture during the 18th century. The box stands on four talon-shaped feet and is closed by a flat lid, the inside of which is profusely decorated. The piece used to be displayed with the lid raised in order to show off its two panels and the central upright with the coat of arms of the Fontcuberta family. The decoration on the outside of the box is done based on elements of carving and marquetry and inlay. Three horizontal registers divide the space; the middle one presents, on the front, three panels with double arches and four uprights; the sides, a single panel flanked by two uprights. All the plain surfaces, in between the carved elements, have marquetry and inlay with floral motifs and imaginary animals.

Room 22
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