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Nazarite period, 13th century (possibly 1268)
Pine wood, carved and nailed, covered with 'badana' (low-quality leather) and gold sheet with ivory, carved, fretted and painted in tempera, applied and nailed. Bronze nailed
13.5 x 21 x 13.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 17829

Casket formed by a parallelepiped-shaped box and closed with a flat-topped four-way sloping lid. The outside is covered with thin pieces of ivory set on a sheet of gold over a thin piece of leather. The pieces are carved and decorated with the drill, forming profusely fretted motifs allowing the gold sheet underneath to be seen. The front of the lid has three rosettes, and there are five on the back and one on each side. The pieces covering the box present motifs of interlaced eight-pointed stars. This casket is an extraordinary example within the Andalusian production in the Nazarite period, both for the quality of the workmanship and for the exceptional use of the gold sheeting. On the plain parts of the pieces, there was pictorial decoration from the Gothic period (15th C).

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