Tomb of the Tavertet fam...
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Tomb of the Tavertet family

Place of execution unknown
13th century
52.5 x 73 x 39 cm
From the monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres (Osona)
MEV 10648

The foundation of the monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres took place due to the initiative of the viscounts of Osona, but it should be added that other noble families from the area, like the Cabrera, Tavertet, Savassona or the Sau families also had links with the monastery and that some of their members were buried there. This tomb belongs to the Tavertet family, which is identified thanks to its heraldic device, a figure called a “roc” which is repeated all over the surface of the tomb. The patronage of the Tavertets was perceptible in other parts of the monastery of Casserres, and thus their heraldic device can be seen represented on the base and the holy water stoup that come from the same place and which are exhibited along with this tomb.

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