Saint Martin
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Saint Martin

Second quarter of the 14th century
95 x 24 x 15 cm
From the church of Sant Martí, Ogassa (Ripollès)
MEV 268

Like the Virgin of El Puig de França, previously commented upon, this image is also from Ogassa, in El Ripollès, where the parish churches of Sant Martí in Ogassa and Sant Martí Surroca are. Saint Martin lived in the 4th century and was bishop of the French city of Tours. This image portrays him as such: the mitre he is wearing is an attribute characteristic of episcopal rank. Notice the delicate tracery that decorates it and which brings to mind a Gothic window. It would seem that this image was set in a stone altarpiece dedicated to Saint Martin, paid for by Arnau d'Estanyet in 1356. This person was then canon of Sant Martí Sacosta, in Girona, but before that he had been the rector of Ogassa. Indeed, the shield on the base, containing waves, could correspond perfectly to the Estanyet lineage.

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