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Nicolau Sentmartí

Rosette and lintel from the ‘Mare de les Fonts' in Vic

Ø72 x 15 cm; 27 x 136.5 cm
From the lost fountain in Plaça del Mercadal in Vic (Osona)
MEV 13802, 10666

The arrival of running water in Vic, in the 15th century, was a great step forward for the city and brought with it the construction of canalizations and five public fountains. Outstanding among these was the ‘Mare de les Fonts' (Mother of Fountains), in the middle of Plaça del Mercadal. It was thus called because from there the water was distributed to the other fountains in the city. It was an aedicule crowned by the image of the Archangel Saint Michael fighting the dragon. This aedicule was octagonal in shape with rosettes set in the walls like the one exhibited. The door lintel is notable for the coats of arms it contains: the four bars in the middle and the arms of the city of Vic at each end. We can also see a commemorative inscription on it that read: 'A XI de febrer any MCCCCXXXXVII cintra la font en la ciutat de Vich'. (On February 11th 1447 the fountain entered the city of Vic). Given this date (1447) the lozengeshaped coats of arms of Vic that we see here may well have been the first to take this shape, made official as a result of the unification of the city in 1450.

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