Monumental cross
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Monumental cross

Vic (?)
Around 1415
156 x 98 x 37 cm
Originally set in El Pla dels Caputxins and later in Vic cemetery (Osona)
MEV 10652

This cross originally stood in El Pla dels Caputxins in Vic. In the 17th century it was moved to the top of Carrer de Sant Francesc and in the 19th century it went to the cemetery, where it stayed until it was admitted to the Museu Episcopal de Vic in about 1975. It is worth looking closely at its rich iconography. The front features the image of Christ on the cross. At each end of the crossbar, inscribed in medallions, are the images of Mary and Saint John. At the feet of Christ, another medallion shows Adam leaving the tomb (a symbolic allusion to the Resurrection) while at the very top we see a pelican, a bird symbolising God's love for his children. The back features the Virgin with the Child. The medallions at the ends contain the representation of the Tetramorph, the symbols of the four Evangelists: the eagle of Saint John (top), the lion of Saint Mark (right), the angel of Saint Matthew (bottom) and the ox of Saint Luke (left). On the capital, octagonal in shape, are the figures of eight saints: a holy bishop, Saint Catherine, another holy bishop, Saint Paul, Saint Peter, Saint Francis, a holy martyr and Saint Mary Magdalene. At the bottom of this capital and also at the feet of the Virgin there is a shield with three fleurs-de-lis that belongs to the Desprat family.

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