Main compartment of an a...
Room 9


Master of Glorieta

Main compartment of an altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin

Tarragona school
Second quarter of the 15th century
Tempera on wood
147 x 62 cm
From Glorieta, Passanant (Conca de Barberà)
MEV 1054

This painter's name comes from this panel showing the Virgin with the Child from Glorieta, admitted to the Museum at the end of the 19th century, when it was founded. It corresponds to the middle of his artistic career, which spanned the second quarter of the 15th century in Tarragona. The figure of the Virgin is portrayed with a very stylised canon and her face is treated in a delicate and morbid way, which brings her close to the new more humanistic aesthetic promoted by Bernat Martorell. From a previous period, the Museum conserves five small compartments from an altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin and Saint Catherine from Mas de Bondia (Montornès de Segarra), in which we can still see the great influence of the work of Ramon de Mur on this master. This can be very clearly seen in the compositions of the backgrounds and through the very vivid and contrasting use of the colours, so typical of the first phase of International Gothic.

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