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Group of the Holy Sepulchre

Last third of the 15th century
Polychrome wood
168 x 50 x 48 cm; 174 x 51 x 45 cm; 170 x 51 x 35 cm; 171 x 55 x 36.5 cm; 180 x 57 x 39 cm; 175 x 55 x 34 cm
From Vic Cathedral (Osona)
MEV 10670-10675

The Groups of the Holy Sepulchre depict the burial of Jesus, with the presence of the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist, Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome and other figures, all standing behind the image of Christ lying on the ground. Also taking part in it are Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, placed at the head and feet of Christ. The Holy Sepulchre is a frequent theme in the sculpture of the 15th and 16th centuries. These six figures were part of a group that existed in Vic Cathedral, where from the 12th century, at least, there had been an altar dedicated to the Holy Sepulchre. We can identify, from left to right, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin, another “Mary”, Saint John and Nicodemus. Missing is the recumbent figure of Christ and a woman, which have been lost. Stylistically, this work is related to the Holy Sepulchre in the church of Santa Anna in Barcelona and to another group in Cagliari Cathedral, Sardinia. Bearing in mind that the Holy Sepulchre in Barcelona is, in part, the work of Gabriel Guàrdia (1482) and bearing in mind, also, that this painter and image maker lived in Vic around 1500, it seems reasonable to associate him with the Holy Sepulchre in the Museu Episcopal de Vic, although this hypothesis might contradict the date that was initially given it (around 1467, when the altar of the Holy Sepulchre in the Cathedral was renewed) and, on the other hand, it could vindicate that of 1485, which has been mentioned on occasions.

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