Christ in Majesty from S...
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Christ in Majesty from Serrateix

First half of the 14th century
Polychrome wood
142 x 84 x 11cm
From Viver i Serrateix (Berguedà)
MEV 1955

In Catalonia the depiction of Christ crucified, nailed to the cross with four nails, dressed in a long tunic and without a look of suffering is called the 'Majestat' (Christ in Majesty). It is an iconographical type very characteristic of Romanesque imagery. Visitors to the Museum have been able to see magnificent examples of this style, like the Christs in Majesty from Santa Maria in Lluçà and Sant Boi in Lluçanès. Of the Catalan Christs in Majesty, this one, from Viver i Serrateix, in El Berguedà, is a late example, as it dates from the 14th century, in the Gothic period. Here, the way Christ is portrayed does not differ substantially from what we have been able to see in the Romanesque examples mentioned previously. You will notice, however, a variation in the proportions: the figure of Christ grows smaller and the cross gains prominence. It is worth pointing out that the cross is decorated with stucco reliefs, reminiscent of precious metalwork.

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