Room 20

Forge work



15th century (?)
Wrought iron, stretched, riveted and stamped
110 x Ø110.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1979

Chandelier made up of a horizontal support, made of two circles of different diameters joined by two bands crossing at right angles, which hangs suspended by four chains. It has several small dishes riveted on it in the shape of open flowers. In the same room, the Museum exhibits two chandeliers in the form of bell-shaped cages (MEV 3905 and 4013) that have a clear iconographical parallel in the architectural perspectives of the frescoes in the Scrovegni chapel, in Santa Maria Annunciata (Padua), painted by Giotto between 1303 and 1306, although, in this case, the illumination is with glass lanterns.

Room 20
Floor 2
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