Stela with inscription
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Stela with inscription

Place of execution unknown
Iberian, 3rd – 1st century BC
Grey limestone
119 x 45 x 40 cm
From Mas de la Roca, Santa Cecília de Voltregà (Osona)
MEV 13625

The grammar and the translation of the Iberian language are for the time being an enigma. Iberian script used, in Catalonia, an alphabet of twenty-eight symbols of a mixed nature, i.e., of alphabetical and syllabic value, written normally from left to right. The stela presents writing of a regular and careful line and the alphabet coincides with the coinage of the 2nd century BC. The place name SORIKE is related to the river Sorreig or to the name of the present-day municipality of Sora and it is thought most likely to be a territorial boundary marker.

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