Slab of wall covering wi...
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Slab of wall covering with a winged Nike

Place of execution unknown
Roman, late 1st century BC – early 1st century AD (neo-Attic current from the reign of Augustus)
Moulded terracotta
10.7 x 11 x 3. 3 cm
Tarragona (?). For a long time there have been doubts as to whether it came from Can Dachs, La Garriga (Vallès Oriental)
MEV 10872

Fragment of a slab of wall covering with a female head in profile; the long hair is kept tight to the skull, running around the head, and is gathered in a small bun at the neck leaving half an ear visible. In the background there is a vague cape. The relief is good quality and the outline of the figure has been made by just an incision. It is the representation of a winged Nike, a deity that personified victory in combat and competition, equivalent to the Roman Victory. It is an Italian production in the field of the Campana slabs that often present this same iconography. They are products rarely exported outside Italy, although other examples of them have been recorded in Tarragona.

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