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Place of execution unknown
Late mediaeval, 14th – 15th century
Wheel-turned pottery, reduction firing
15.8 x Ø12.6 x Ø9.7 cm
From Carrer de la Riera, Vic (Osona)
MEV 5168

A piece of pottery made on the wheel and fired in a closed kiln with a reducing atmosphere that, by using the smoke given off by the combustion of the wood, acquires the characteristic black or grey colour. It is a receptacle globular or slightly ridged, with a tapered brim, rounded lip and flat bottom. The clay is highly refined, with little quartz and mica degreasing. The surface is smooth with incised line decoration. The piece lacks a stratigraphic context and this makes it difficult to establish a precise dating; the location of the site where it was recorded, in the mediaeval centre of Vic, plus the type of clay and the finish of the ceramic surface enable us to date it to the 14th or 15th centuries. These grey wares were plunged into crisis when the innovative techniques for making glazed ceramics were introduced, as well as the new shapes that were to displace the typical grey pottery wares used almost exclusively during the Late Middle Ages.

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