Milepost shaft
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Milepost shaft

Place of execution unknown
Roman, 110 BC
Siliceous clay
112 x Ø36.5 cm
From Mas el Vilar, Tona (Osona)
MEV 16500

Milepost shaft without a base of the proconsul Manius Sergius. This milestone allows us to date one of the oldest Roman roads in the Iberian Peninsula in the republican period. The Collsuspina route joined the centre of the plain of Vic and the lands of Lleida; from there it went to Celtiberia and, northwards, crossing the Pyrenees, it joined the Via Domitia. From Tona a branch came off that, via the Collsuspina mountain range, went on one hand to Manresa and on the other joined the natural footpath of the Congost that led to Barcelona and the Maresme ('Iluro'). This road would be the forerunner of the lower section of the mediaeval 'strata Francisca'.

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