Fragment of mosaic with ...
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Fragment of mosaic with the depiction of a female figure

Place of execution unknown
Roman, Severan period, beginning of the 3rd century AD
Opus tessellatum
85 x 86 cm
From the Roman villa of Can Tarrés, La Garriga (Vallès Oriental)
MEV 17149

On the mosaic there is the face of a veiled female figure inside a black square set rhomboidally, which would have been part of a larger composition developing the theme of the four seasons with figures in the corners. The veiled head suggests the iconography of winter, although she does not carry the typical dry olive tree branch, but a sceptre over her left shoulder, difficult to attribute as it is associated with several deities. The type of female figure and the accessories, the treatment of the volume with the shading, plus the arrangement of the tesserae that follow the direction of the frame and not of the figure, characterise the work as a type from the local workshops in the reign of Severus.

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