Corinthian Asian-style c...
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Corinthian Asian-style capital

Place of execution unknown
Roman, 4th century AD
White marble
28 x 36 x 36 cm
From Vic (Osona)
MEV 10880

This type of capital derives from the Corinthian-style ones with S-shaped volutes that are found in Italy from the time of Antoninus. It is well preserved and was emptied out and reused as a holy water stoup probably in the church of Sant Francesc. Around the 'kalathos' there is a crown of four thorny acanthus leaves. The leaves are divided into five sharp-pointed lobes, angular in section. In the middle of each side, between the bottom of the leaves, there is an ovolo from where two volutes stem; the spiral rests on the acanthus leaves. Between the volutes, and in a triangular space, there are two small helices. In the centre of the sides of the abacus, there is a leaf-shaped motif. Intense drilling work has been done that gives the piece shade and depth. An elementary angular finish has allowed us to date it to a late period.

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