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Place of execution unknown
Late Bronze Age III (900 - 700 BC)
Cast bronze, two-part mould
6.7 x 1.9 x 0.4 cm
From the Pla d'en Pere, Vall de Comallavosa (Ripollès)
MEV 4552

The “Ripoll Hoard” is a group of elements in bronze, some in good condition and others worn down, found by chance in 1901 near Ripoll. The find indicates the scope that inter-group contacts eventually had as the Bronze Age progressed. The morphological study of these objects tells us that they may have come from the Atlantic areas of France from where, passing through the depression of the Garonne and the Aude and crossing the Pyrenees, they reached the shores of the Mediterranean, where they would be exchanged or traded.

Room 2
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