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I Symposium Magistri Cataloniae “Anonymous artist, signing artist. Identity, status and the artist role in medieval art”. Organized by: Magistri Cataloniae and Museu Episcopal de Vic
Travelling at the Middle Ages
Thirteen works of MEV travel to Paris to be present in the exhibition "Voyager au Moyen Age" at the Musée de Cluny. The exhibition is the first initiative of the Network of European Museums of Medieval Art.
Temporary exhibition
The exhibition "Painting a thousand years ago. The Romanesque colours" reveals who were the artists of a thousand years ago, what colours did they use and where they obteined the materials. Until December the 14th.
Cultural heritage of northern Ethiopia, by Barbara Virgil graduate in Semitic philology and professor of Hebrew at the Faculty of Theology. Thursday 6th November at 17 p.m. Free entrance.
Film and art
Movie session at the museum with the film Toulouse Lautrecl (France 1998), by Roger Planchon. Thursday 30th October at 17:30 p.m. Free activity organized by Amics dels Museus d'Osona.
Museum + Bell Tower
First Saturday of each month you can do the visit "Romanesque Vision" to see the museum and climb the Cathedral's bell tower.
Family activities
Discover the mediaeval world. Participative visit with the family to the Romanesque and Gothic collections. Every Sunday at 11 a.m.
The Museum trips
The MEV starts a new line of activity and offers cultural voyages to different parts of the world with some relationship with the museum and its collections.
The exhibition blog
This blog complements some aspects of the temporary exhibition and pretends to be a platform to exchange of opinions
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